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We have thousands of free Facebook games to play including puzzle games, action games, adventure games, racing games and shooting games.

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Leaderboard Enabled Facebook Games
Digit Twins
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 362
Match pairs of balls that add up to 10. Balls can only be matched if they can be connected by a line that turns at most twice.
Planet Journey
Rating: 7.00/10.00
Times Played: 170
Your space ship has entered alien space. All the aliens out there are eager to catch you if you alter from your path. Simple one button space game.
Rating: 6.33/10.00
Times Played: 301
Make the monkey jump higher and higher by popping the balloons.
Jetpack man
Rating: 5.71/10.00
Times Played: 136
Very simple retro style game. Control Jet Pack Man and avoid the flying oblects for as long as possible.
Rating: 6.33/10.00
Times Played: 596
Bango is a puzzle platformer that requires two things: thinking out of the box and great platforming skills.
Apollo Crazy Rocket
Rating: 5.00/10.00
Times Played: 54
Guide your crazy rocket in a way that you don't hit any obstacles and walls
Hockey - Suburban Goalie
Rating: 2.00/10.00
Times Played: 59
A simple and fun hockey-action game! Enter the role as a suburban hockey goalie and save as many pucks as possible! Try to get PERFECT BONUS on as many levels as possible to reach the leaderboard! Who is the best suburban goalie out there???
Galaxy Gems
Rating: 5.00/10.00
Times Played: 208
Launch the spaceships from all the planets in the galaxy by matching the refueling gems. A easy game of match.
Halloween Hatchlings
Rating: 7.47/10.00
Times Played: 15950
The old Count is up to no good as usual. He has created a new breed of monster and is about to release them upon the world this Halloween. You, Snuffit The Vampire Slayer, must kill the hatchlings before the count breeds enough to release.
DooBoo Spidrix
Rating: 2.50/10.00
Times Played: 177
Yet another physics puzzle game but with nice levels and characters.
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 344
A mouse follower with unique scoring and a soundtrack, in microbe you're the paramecium, trying to get food before the amoebas.
Zombie Invaders 2
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 321
Don't these zombies know when to quit? Oh wait, they're braindead.
Tetrominoes from Hell
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 557
Yet another tetris clone but with leaderboards.
Air Battle
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 357
Shoot down the enemy plane in this one-on-one dog fighting game.
Gotham City Rush
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 98
Jump, Glide and Slide through mile after mile of Gotham City in this nonstop arcade platformer.
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 40
You are a Portuguese traveller who’s looking for the most beautiful treasures around the world to built a magnificent museum… well, this is a lie, you’re just looking for a way how to get rich fast. This time you’re in South America. Who knows
Rating: 7.00/10.00
Times Played: 412
The aim of the game is to get the highest score possible which can be submitted to the worldwide leaderboards.
Flower Power
Rating: 3.50/10.00
Times Played: 72
The 70´s are back! Make groups of 4 or more flowers to gather Flower Power and spread peace in the world!
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 710
You control a turret, and as you destroy enemies they explode into a billion particles.
Esferas malditas
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 375
Twisted version of arkanoid, how many spheres can you control? Happy Halloween.
Other Facebook Games
The Package
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 310
A package bomb has been activated and you've no chance to escape, unless you solve the puzzles.
Stanley Hedgehog
Rating: 7.00/10.00
Times Played: 99
Help Stanley Hedgehog find love by cooking a delisious stew for his sweetheart. It won't be easy though, plenty of obsticles will prevent Stanley making his date on time.
Camp Runamuck
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 311
Complete the challenges in as little time as possible.
Silent Cursor
Rating: 7.00/10.00
Times Played: 52
A shoot-em-up with a twist. See how good are you when you can't see your crosshair.
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 542
Made with the spirit of tetris and extra levels of complication - how fast are you? 5 shapes, 5 colors, 10 columns, 20 rows. Build multiscores by setting up multimatches. Step 1: Win your way to the top ten list! Step 2: Party!
Towel Fighters
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 292
Ever towel fought a friend? Learn some new moves for next time here.
Lights Out
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 281
Click on different light bulbs to turn them off while turning other ones on.
Blast Billiards
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 61
Pocket all the bombs scattered over the billiards table before the timer reaches zero.
Add Em Up
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 1380
Add the numbers up before you run out of moves.
Kung Fu Panda 2 Color
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 31
Pencil goony Panda Po and wise Shifu online!
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