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We have thousands of free Facebook games to play including puzzle games, action games, adventure games, racing games and shooting games.

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Leaderboard Enabled Facebook Games
Rating: 7.33/10.00
Times Played: 621
RingShot is a game of accuracy which involves shooting orbs into rings. There are 30 levels in total, the first few are nice and easy, while the later levels are VERY challenging.
Monkey GO Happy 2
Rating: 7.00/10.00
Times Played: 122
Monkey GO Happy is back! Point and click puzzle game.
Polar Jump
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 383
one polar squirrel is desperately trying to get home. Ice floats are the only option.
Pandemic Boy
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 120
Evolve infect and kill people with your virus. Use vomiting, coughing and coconuts to infect everyone in 16 levels.
Monkey Banana
Rating: 4.00/10.00
Times Played: 366
Put the monkey at the suitable position so that it can get the banana. The monkey will follow the lines, and will take a turn whenever possible.
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 714
You control a turret, and as you destroy enemies they explode into a billion particles.
Faraon Arcanoid
Rating: 4.00/10.00
Times Played: 91
Simple Egypt themed arcanoid game. Use the mouse to move the bat.
Rating: 7.00/10.00
Times Played: 66
Are your nerves strong enough to help you get through over 30 levels of mini puzzle games and skill challenges?
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 701
An easy to play sliding match 3 puzzle.
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 745
Kyobi is a heady mix of match 3 and physics. Smash and chain the blocks together for maximum points!
Flying Fortress
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 336
Pilot your b17 flying fortress through enemy skies on dangerous bombing missions.
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 585
Navigate the numbered blocks in this puzzle game - simple and addicting.
Smiley Jump Fest
Rating: 6.75/10.00
Times Played: 650
Click all the smilies of the same color before they jump off the screen. An easy to play puzzle game.
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 634
Test your skills, avoid enemies for as long as you can. But be careful, you control two balls!
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 576
Hurry! Find a safe spot before the falling ceiling crushes you!
Jungle Gems
Rating: 7.00/10.00
Times Played: 407
Another flash jewel puzzle game but a bit different. Try to fill up the board before the time runs out.
Rating: 5.00/10.00
Times Played: 439
Fun puzzle brain game, roll your cubes to the required squares to exit the level.
Stomp That Alien
Rating: 7.60/10.00
Times Played: 35
A simple and fun action-game! Stomp the aliens but not the little girl! Take an extra chance in the mini-game at the end! Try to reach the leaderbord!
Cubic Disturbance
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 392
Cubic Disturbance is a real mind bending puzzle game. Place bombs in strategic locations in order to get the yellow block to the level's floor. The less bombs you use, the higher your score.
Pike Club
Rating: 3.50/10.00
Times Played: 497
Welcome to the Pike Club. Flip tiles, earn scores, spend talent points, prove your skills, be a scoreboard king!
Other Facebook Games
Jigsaw: Smarties
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 410
Mmmmm! Smarties!
Sonic In Angel Island
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 104
For all the die hard sonic fans, guide sonic through another adventurous journey in Angel island.
2D Memory
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 24
Old maid style card game flip over cards and match up two.
Card Match
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 873
Practice your memory capabilities in this fun matching card game. Match the similar oranges and clear all the cards. Make sure to match all the like cards before the time limit is up and before you exceed the flip count.
Rice Attack
Rating: 6.33/10.00
Times Played: 823
Fight your way into enemy territory. Kill all soldiers you encounter and rescue the prisoners to get weapon upgrades.
Wired Maniac 2
Rating: 5.17/10.00
Times Played: 568
50 levels puzzle game. Connect all of the orbs to complete level,
Junk Yard Frenzy
Rating: 4.00/10.00
Times Played: 620
Everyone should do this with their junk. Instead of dumping it all in huge landfill sites across the nation, they should blow them to smithereens with a shotgun. Blast your way through various useless items of junk that are being thrown your way! Try n
Beer Monster
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 347
Collect all the beers and head for the exit
Rating: 4.00/10.00
Times Played: 62
Take control of Santa in this action packed game of skill! Help him and his elves save christmas by bouncing presents into his sleigh.
Spy Truck
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 161
Your planet has been attacked by aliens its time for you kick ass. Driving shooting game.
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