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We have thousands of free Facebook games to play including puzzle games, action games, adventure games, racing games and shooting games.

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Leaderboard Enabled Facebook Games
the Flood Runner 2
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 87
Run, jump and glide away from the flood and avoid the obstacles. Fun little action game.
Online Physics Phrenzy
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 29
An online multiplayer physics game where you have to get your monkey to collect his bananas before your opponent!
Way Of The Tangram
Rating: 2.83/10.00
Times Played: 139
Help Yan-Yan, a young chinese girl, to rebuild more than 150 Tangram figures and complete the Great Puzzle! Walk the Way of the Tangram, become a great master and unlock wallpapers, trophies and famous quotes.
Cupcake Queen
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 603
You're the Cupcake Queen in this online Time Managment game. Your bakery is a sweet success. Now, you need to keep up with the steady flow of customers to earn enough money for your rent. Create cupcakes to order. Mix up a glass of juice to complete each
Rating: 6.67/10.00
Times Played: 670
Bring colors back to the world in this shooting game.
Rating: 5.71/10.00
Times Played: 612
Build a tower of blocks as high as possible. Replace the roughting yellow blocks before they dissappear causing your tower to crumble.
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 69
An intense overhead shooter game featuring a robust 13-mission campaign, 4 unique minigames, and 9 solid weapons.
Shadow Brute
Rating: 6.29/10.00
Times Played: 616
Hardcore sword fighing action with loads of blood! Go and kill those barbarians!
Squirrel Escape
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 466
30 level platformer. Find your way out by collecting keys, pulling levers and switches and just being quick.
Blue Archer
Rating: 5.33/10.00
Times Played: 100
Bow shooting game, relaxed short game for skilled archers.
Enlarge your slip
Rating: 5.00/10.00
Times Played: 472
The object of this amusing game is to keep a bear bouncing through the simple two-dimensional world for as long as possible.
Rating: 6.80/10.00
Times Played: 1213
machine preventing moths from getting to the gas lamps.
Action Turnip
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 55
Very weird but fun little action platform game. Not much else to say, have a go.
Robots and Aliens: Reactor Twist 3D
Rating: 6.67/10.00
Times Played: 412
Shoot the Robots before they destroy the Alien's reactor core - fast-paced gameplay in real-time 3D!
Monster Truck Maniac 2
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 247
The new crazy monster truck game
Pile Of Balls
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 381
Destroy balls by connecting 4 or more balls of the same color.
Pede Off
Rating: 6.60/10.00
Times Played: 1223
This is a game about bugs. Specifically, collecting international butterflies from all over the world, each one marked with a specific flag. Oh, but to do that you have to survive the onslaught of the other bugs... and ghosts and ufos and dragons and stuf
Blood Red
Rating: 5.50/10.00
Times Played: 410
A zombie survival game. Shoot the Zombies.
When Penguins Attack - TD
Rating: 3.50/10.00
Times Played: 168
Defend the human race against the onslaught of evil penguins.
Click to Begin
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 36
Click to Begin - A 10 Second Click Gadget
Other Facebook Games
Show Time
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 411
Find the missing tapes in time for the show.
The Amazing Spider-Man Puzzles
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 0
The game-puzzle about the film!
Little Rocketman
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 568
Power up and jump from platform to platform. Land safely and make sure you don't fall off.
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 508
TEST YOUR SKILLS! Scarfit is a fast-paced game in which you -- a colored arrow -- scarf down tokens as the clock ticks away. However, you cannot just devour them without order. In Scarfit, you are what you eat: to gain points, you must eat tokens that
Rofl Attack
Rating: 0.00/10.00
Times Played: 269
Fly your trusty ROFLcopter and battle hordes of LOLLERskaters and LMAOplanes.
Rating: 5.45/10.00
Times Played: 439
Freecell is based on the classic Freecell solitaire, but with a special twist! Use the golden cards to your advantage, either to bring forward an obscured card or boost your score!
Office Paintball
Rating: 1.80/10.00
Times Played: 104
Blast the office with your paintball gun.
Jump Gear
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 1613
Jump gear is a kind of BMX jumping game. The game is a race against the time, with many powerups to catch before you can reach the final line.
Pumpkin Solitaire
Rating: 5.83/10.00
Times Played: 1631
Destroy the pumpkins by putting them next to each other. When 3 pumpkins get together, they will be destroyed.
FoodCart Puzzle v3
Rating: 6.00/10.00
Times Played: 217
FoodCart Puzzle
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